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Xander Duffy is one of the most promising new artists on the east coast of Canada. His unique voice combined with his catchy melodies are going to start turning heads. Xander’s debut EP is not something you want to sleep on, it is only the beginning.

- My Buddy David Shears of Strangelands

Some Kid with a guitar

Independent Artist

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about Xander

Xander lives, writes and records in Torbay, a small town in Newfoundland, an island they call the Rock at the eastern edge of Canada, way out in the North Atlantic.  The music is a collection of everyday life experiences interpreted by this 22 year old bilingual university student graduating soon with Bachelors degrees in Business and Philosophy.  Although he has a wide range of musical influences Xander has developed his own very identifiable unique sound.

You are just as likely to hear Xander streaming a jazz program on French Radio as you are to hear him listening to the current hits on local FM. 

He has much respect for the originators of the various music genres.  One of his biggest influences is recently passed Bill Withers.  But you will also see him listen to Randy Travis, John Mayer or Louis Armstrong.  You can detect these influences living in his originals.  

“My true passion is music.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy making it.” 


Just some Kid putting it all together


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